Photo’s and Video’s

DAMA Demonstration Video taken February 2018


The videos below shows the DAMA calling markers ‘I’ and then ‘G’ along the centre line. The DAMA sensors detect the horses position and distance from the Marker and call the appropriate letter.

The Following Video was taking by Equestrian Life during the Willinga Park Open Day in NSW.  We have taken edited the video to show the part where Sue-Ellen and the DAMA are shown.  The DAMA was only 3 weeks old at this stage and it was the first time Sue-Ellen had used it.

The Complete video taken by Equestrian Life goes for 55min and can be found here : Willinga Park Open Day

DAMA Testing


DAMA Remote only Testing at Balmoral Equestrian Centre Berwick.
The Remote Control only version has a 17 button remote with one button for each marker.  The operator pushes the marker button they want to start calling on the remote and the marker will start announcing its marker letter until a button is pressed again or another button is pushed.
In the videos below we are testing the prototype DAMA Remote with a Vision Impaired Rider Lucy and her coach Julia Battams.
The Markers being announced here are ‘P’ and ‘A’
(For those with a keen eye for detail the Letters announced are not at a consistent speed at the moment on the Prototype.  This will of course be rectified on the full working version.)



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